Many have probably heard the term “Gay for pay” being thrown around. However, like most people, they may not know what it actually stands for. Gay for pay refers to heterosexual males who work with other gay men for money. In most cases, they are sex workers in the world of pornography. Keep in mind that in most cases, these men are straight and are paid to perform in gay manner. In other instances, they are paid to act as if they are homosexuals.

There are many companies who use men who are straight as if they were gay. They do this in order to appeal to the homosexual demographic. Some call these men penises for hire since they will often do work in gay porn. Still, there are those who cannot understand the entire gay for pay thing. They find it hard to fathom how heterosexual men could perform in gay porn if they are not homosexual? How are they able to be turned on by it all? When you ask male actors, they all tell you one thing; it’s all about the money. It makes perfect sense and it connects directly with the moniker.

In other instances, some of the actors do it for more than just money though. They engage in gay for pay in order to achieve sexual gain. That is generally applied to those men who are bisexual or are really gay. However, they may not be ready to come out fully. There are many instances where male performers who do this, keep it from their spouses or partners. Many women have found out about their spouses being engaged in gay for pay scenarios by mistake. It was never the intention of the guys to let their partners find out about it. Which kind of gives new meaning to bringing home the bacon.