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Most Popular Gay Pornstars of 2018



This is 2019, and there have been lots of gay male pornstars in the adult industry, and they have all performed excitingly well. Though not all of these pornstars would be mentioned but this is a list of the most popular gay pornstars that have featured in popular sites like 3movs in the industry with different body sizes, colour and height. There are the skinny guys, masculine, and the cute ones also are not left out.

Top 5 Popular Gay Pornstars of 2018

  1. Billy Santaro: Sitting comfortably in the number one spot is Billy Santaro. This is undoubtedly the best pornstar in the year and also the most popular. He has the look of a God, really hairy legs and chest. Billy loves dominating guys and his body structure did not rob him of the pleasure. Trying to think about that perfect gay ass scene then billy santaro must come to mind.
  2. Boomer Banks: When the idea of a sexy gay guy pops into your head then it must be that of Boomer. If sexy guys are what gets your mojo on then here you have it. He has an above average penis that would make your asshole gape
  1. Dale Cooper: If you love jerking off and also love having your dick sucked, then you are definitely in for a treat with Dale, he is also got a very beautiful penis which you would really never forget.
  1. Jessie Colter: For those that love BDSM, you can never go wrong with Jessie. This is one hardcore gay pornstar. With this guy, you would witness all the actions of 50 shades of grey. To Jessie, it is all about the punishment.
  2. Vadim Black: This model got his Russian nickname from his looks. He does not brutalize people, but when you see him you would believe he has just one mission which is to ass fuck as many gay guys as possible. This should be the position all gay pornstars should be gunning for.

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